125: Trouble Up North, Monday 28th December 2009- Komedia, Brighton

Monday 28th December 2009– Komedia, Brighton
1877. Eddie Jim, Sue and Vera work at the Satanic Mill in Yorkshire. Since the migration from the west, they have been sewing for Old Mr MacGregor and Betty. Who is Mr Braithwaite? What will the ghost of Eddie Jim Senior and Cowboy the Whippet have to say about the redundancy bell? The retirement gift reads: “For services J”. Life is like the moors.
124: Boudica – Warrior Princess Sunday 27th December 2009- Komedia, Brighton
The 2nd Century Roman tale of the feminist warrior Boudicca and her love for Aelfric her rival (and part of the dread Barbarian Lord Kadak’s army). Who will win against the Romans? What happens when you eat a loved one’s heart? Nothing is set in stone. Be like the stone.

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