Show 397, Carry on Looting, 4th October 2012, Charing Cross Theatre, London

There’s trouble brewing in London  – the Showstoppers tell a lost tale from the riots of Summer ’11. Posh girl Matilda Chormondley and her less socially privileged best friend Shelly Samson open a shop on Mere Street Hackney called “Fings and Bobs” – much to the concern of  local matriarch Mrs Rogers.

Mrs Roger’s daughter Shaniqua ( a former friend of Shelly’s), and her gang (featuring T-Bone, aka “Jim”) are also concerned. Matilda’ s dad bankrolled the shop, Matilda’s Uncle is David Cameron, Number 10 are concerned, and all Councillor Johnson wants to be is a traffic warden.

Fires are started, buildings fall and rise, and the question is asked – “Who’s going to buy a poof in Hackney?”. Features mild peril, satirical representation of the current Prime Minister, realistic urban patois by our all – caucasian cast,  two separate rap-offs, and Oliver Senton as “the man in the hats”.

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