Show 398: A Right Royal Fork, 14th Oct 2012, Charing X Theatre, London

In a parallel universe where The Great War was from 1915 to 1919, and where the 1927-’35 “Almost World War 2” still partially rages, there is disquiet at Buckingham Palace.

Prince Marmalade isn’t keen on marrying Princess Ermentrude, his mad brother Prince Lemon is in love with Marmalade’s paramour Claire Downstairs the pastry chef, and the Queen in busy carpet-sliding with Jim the Help.

Will a joint Benidorm honeymoon sort things out? What’s the best beer deal in Lineker’s alternate reality football-themed bar?  Will the Germans ever discover the tunnel dug from Colditz? Why are the Colanders of the Rainbow shaped like Claire’s face? And what;s with the post – apocalyptic Las Vegas scene changes?

This show got a standing ovation!

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