Show 400: Love Is How You Build It, Oct 21st, Charing Cross Theatre, London

Pontypridd. Ikea. The present. All employees are 100% Welsh. National pride runs high, and WNP spokesman John would be aghast to discover that employees ( and lovers)  Alison and Simon are half Swedish and half Irish respectively. In fact, he does discover them, and in a surprising Act One denoument, the lovers strangle him to death in front of Alison’s Swedish relatives, the Shmoors.  Exile at the B and Q Croydon beckons…..
Will the half-bloods triumph?
Why does Rodney smell of hamburgers?
And what EXACTLY is the difference between a Swedish, Jewish and South African accent?
Featuring the longest “the audience have to calm down and stop laughing before the show can continue” hiatus since Grahame had a cup of tea.

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