Show 401: Put Your Green Tights On, Nov 4 matinee, Charing Cross Theatre, London

Sherwood Forest, merry men, a brave but aging leader of a free and radical bunch of forest dwellers, his feckless son, the evil Sherriff of Nottingham, an absent King.

If the story of Robin Hood were copyrighted, we’d be bang to rights. As it is, thinly disguised with different and hard-to-remember names, The Showstoppers created a fun-filled carnival family matinee musical filled with outlaws, arrows and arsing about.

It started out as a serious story about family, courage and danger; and ended in a massive pantomime knees up. That’s the way it goes sometimes.

PS Two of the Stopper offspring were in the audience. One of them managed to get two suggestions into the show – Muppets Xmas Carol and Jungle Book. There will be an enquiry…

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