Show 409: Rings on Her Fingers, Dec 12th, The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury

In Victorian Banbury, the keepers of the city’s 8 gates are excited about the imminent arrival of Queen Victoria – all except miserly  Mr Keith ,whose parents were executed for not opening the city gates to a previous member of royalty.

Mr Keith is torn – will he open the gates to Victoria and preserve the status quo, or close the gates in an act of suicide and join the ghosts of his parents (thus compounding Mrs Keith’s misery)  Meanwhile, Lucy on Gates 1,2 and 3, and Justin on Gates 5,6 and 7 are worried about money, and Mrs Pie-Crust on Gate 4 has terrible consumption.

Featuring an ’80s pop – scored poetry – slam, frozen corpse surfing,  and a Lionel Bart knees – up,  “Who’s On the Gate?”

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