Show 412: Bi-Polar, Dec 23rd 2012, Charing Cross Theatre

George Michael (distant relation) has set up a rehab clinic in an Ice Hotel in the Arctic. Susan leFevre, famous opera singer and alcoholic has gone there to dry out. But when her erstwhile devious agents, Jason and Clementine Skimperton place a bet with George that she won’t last until Boxing Day, he can’t resist.

Love blooms between George and Susan, but can he admit to the one million-pound wager? Olga, member of the hotel staff and Susan’s confidente, fights between stoicism and rage; Susan fights the urge to be happy when drunk, althought she’s depressed when sobre. The hotel floor show shifts between fire and ice. The dancing penguins wonder why they are at the wrong pole.

Everything is divided in the world of Bi-Polar.

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