Show 523: Force of Nature, 13th August matinee, Gilded Balloon Teviot, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

This was a special critic’s show in which guest Steve Bennett, founder of wrote a review of a fictitious musical. This was kept secret from the cast until the start of the show, when he read it out and the Stoppers then attempted to performed it as described.

Here is what he wrote:

‘Who would have thought the life story of the godfather of physics would make for a musical that is as entertaining as it is 100 per cent accurate in every historical and scientific detail. Isaac Newton’s colourful life and intellectual genius are captured perfectly in this foot-stomping romp, from a childhood blighted by bullies right through to his later obsession with alchemy, which induced madness, and ultimately death through mercury poisoning – which this team makes remarkably jaunty with their ragtime number.

Over his life’s story, the cast deliver such memorable songs as as the Calculus Calypso, the Royal Mint rap and the very physical demonstration of his laws of motions – an energetic number that, ironically, seems to defy gravity. Talking of which, making the falling apple which inspired the theory into a human-like character, Granny Smith, with the voice of Eartha Kitt was simply inspired. There is poignancy, too, for the man who discovered a law of constant attraction, would never find love – a plight mourned in a plaintive ballad that seemed to channel The Smiths.

For every action here, there is an equal and opposite reaction: Joy.’

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