Show 763: Snow Way Out – 22nd August, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Setting: A Snow Globe

When Eleanor was six years old, she made a wish on a shooting star to be in a world where there would always be the snow she loved so much.  Her wish was granted and she found herself living inside a snow globe in her family home. 14 years later she can barely remember her family – but she is happy. She lives in the one house in the snow globe, and she has friends: her best friend Snowy, the penguins, the snowplough lady and more. But in the frozen lake at the back of the snow globe lives the evil Jack Frost and his partner Glynnis. He is trapped in the globe and wants to get out to wreak havoc on the world and so he starts to sew the seeds of discontent in Eleanors mind – since she found her way in, she must have the key to getting back out…

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