Show 788 – Let’s Go Spy A Kite – 12th December – Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London

Setting: MI6 headquarters (featuring the music of Mary Poppins)

When a lonely kite with suspicious markings on it is spotted hovering over the Sussex Downs, Agent Prendergast aka 001 is sent to investigate.

But when he gets there he recognises the markings on the kite as being specific not only to a Russian spy, but the famous and deadly Mother Maretski and her two ridiculous daughters, who he had encountered six times before – each time she defeated him by seducing him.

Could he foil Mother Maretski’s plan to make England a vassal state of Russia armed only with his sidekick Peter (an intern at MI6), a ham sandwich that could turn into a parachute, a boot that could be used to spread butter and a deadly exploding green toothbrush?

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