Watch a video of one of our Edinburgh shows!

Here’s something a bit special we thought you might like.

We often get asked if there are any videos of our shows – and generally we don’t make any available because it’s such a live experience – a static one-camera video with dodgy sound wouldn’t capture any of that.

Well, in Edinburgh last year we hired a camera crew with lots of expensive cameras to film some of our shows to see if we could create meet that challenge. Showstopper Andrew Pugsley happens also to be a rather good video editor and he has created a 20-minute version of the show Pit Perfect, a tale of romance and tragedy set in a Welsh mining village.

We’ve kept in the writer’s introduction and put in some captions to explain about how audiences choose musical theatre styles, so if you’ve not seen the show, it should give you a taste of what it’s like. It might be worth pointing out that absolutely everything you see is improvised from scratch, nothing is preplanned – all the footage is taken from a live show in front of 750 people. Enjoy!


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