Show 910 – Driller – 20th November – Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London

Setting: Waiting room in a dentist’s office

Doctor Ted Tooth is the most charming, handsome and beloved dentists in New York. However, he is also a crook, scamming his wealthy patients by persuading them to buy massively overpriced floss, while secretly having no dentist’s credentials at all.

Three ladies in particular are obsessed by him – little Phillipa wants him to be her father as her own is so emotionally distant; anxious beautiful Juniper is in love with him and old Mrs Markham simply desires him.

Finally John – his assistant and also his oldest friend – can’t take the dishonesty it any more and, with the help of Phillipa’s father, decides to take action, bringing him down by using his own charm against him.

But will the ladies thank them for it, or never forgive them?

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