Show 925 – Frozen – 19th February – Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London

Setting: Botox Clinic

George deVere and Wendy are cosmetic surgeons and they run the busiest botox clinic (and general cosmetic surgery) in LA.

But as much as she enjoys the success, Wendy can’t help feel that enabling women paranoid about their appearance to stay looking like 20-somethings might be ethically uncertain and certainly very far from her original dreams of helping people with disfiguring injuries have a normal life.

At the same time, one of their top clients, film star Analise Byshhellier, is clearly going through some kind of breakdown, desperate to keep landing the top roles in films and convinced by her agent – the straight-talking, milk-drinking Devon that she has to look as young as is surgically possible. Her husband Estoban supports his wife despite being deeply unsure about this course of action.

The relationship between Analise and George, who both worships his patient but also treats her like his own personal masterpiece, becomes increasingly toxic as Estoban and Wendy look on…

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