Show 928 – 7 Keys for 7 Prisoners – 16th March – Hull Truck

Setting: A high security prison

When you have a family septuplets – all of them boys, just 10 minutes between the birth of the eldest and youngest – you expect differences. But maybe none as extreme as this.

Five of the Doodah brothers are serving time in Alcatraz after having been caught leaving a heist. Who are the two prison guards in charge of their security? The final two brothers.

The family is divided in two – the five criminal brothers who remember what their mother said before she left them: “Take what you need”. The two law-abiding brothers stayed to listen to the second part “but not what you don’t need”. The two honest guards decide that this is an opportunity for rehabilitation and perhaps a chance to bring the family back together. But things do not turn out as planned…

Note: there was a long section where one of the brothers is introduced to the joys of poetry as a way to persuade him to leave his criminal past behind. The audience member who suggested the show be set in a high-security prison told us afterwards that he teaches poetry in prison.


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