Show 937 – Not Dead Yet – 11th June – Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London

Setting: A superhero retirement home

The four members of Ex-force – Scorpion Girl, Dynamite Girl, Electro-boy and their leader Hank ‘Earthquake Man’ Richter are enjoying a well-earned rest at the end of their successful crime-fighting careers at the Elmhurst Retirement Home for Superheros.

They spend much of their time reliving memories of past glories when they were at the height of their powers and so when their aging arch-nemesis Lord Sonofa arrives and offers them a deal to make them young again in exchange for having one final battle with him, they agree.

They are expecting a straight fight and so are utterly unprepared to find themselves transported to an American Wild West border town a hundred years in the past. It soon becomes clear that they are trapped in a cunningly constructed computer generated simulation controlled by Lord Sonofa and designed with one purpose alone – to tear Ex-force apart.

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