A day in the life of a Showstopper at the Fringe

A typical Showstopper day at the Edinburgh Fringe by Pippa Evans:

8am Wake up and sing a song about morning rolls:

Bacon and egg
Wrapped in a soft bread house.
It is not a bap or a bun!
Delicious at any time of day
But for breakfast is my number one!

8.30 dance into the shower and exfoliate using only Jazz Hands.

9am Out of the door and off to the kids’ show. Greeting everyone like the opening of Beauty and the Beast.

11am Warm-up for the show- stretches, scales, wonder what the kid’s will surprise us with today. A tale of Harry Potter and the plimsol? Maybe Peppa Pig will turn up to fight a T-Rex.

11.45 Do the kid’s show.

1pm-4pm Recover from the kids’ show. Those guys don’t let you rest. Sing a song about the joy of children:

Kids teach us about all the things we forget in life,
How much there is to see,
How there’s love and light in everything
And that they’ve more energy than me.

4-5pm discuss where we are going for dinner (“Maybe City Restaurant?” “No! We always go there!”) without making a decision so pop into Pie Maker (in a kick line) for a sausage roll and a macaroni pie (so wrong, so right).

5-6pm Prepare for the evening show. Warm up games, mic check, costumes on. Pray to our Lord and saviour Stephen Sondheim for a good show.

6pm Do the evening show.

7.30pm Collapse in the Pleasance Courtyard with a glass of lemonade and debate where we might go for dinner. Definitely not City Restaurant again. Turns into a Les Mis confrontation.

At the end of the day it is cheap and easy!
But it doesn’t have much for the vegans in there!
It is hard to decide
Cos most of the food is deep fried
Perhaps there is somewhere else with a little more flair???

10pm go to City Restaurant.

11pm tuck ourselves into bed like the Von Trapps:
Good Night.
Good Night.
Gooooooooood Niiiiiiiiight!

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