Show 970 – Stiff Upper Lip – 7th September – Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford

Setting: A mortuary

Cornelius and Virginia Cadaver are a couple of low-lives. They specialise in appealing to wealthy, grieving widows who they convince to spend far more than they should on the funeral of their loved ones. But one day, the widow is Mary Millican, widow of the immensely wealthy Frank Millican, suspiciously close to Frank’s brother Clyde, who in cahoots with lawyer Trevor Wolverhampton are as deeply corrupt as the Cadavers. In this game of cat and mouse, who will end up the smug feline – and who will be eaten alive?

Special mentions: After an audience member pointed out a confusion about where the musical was set, Clyde included these lyrics:  “That’s my fate, that’s my reward; here in Reigate, near to Guildford.”

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