Show 973 – Brief Encounter – 14th September – Derby Theatre, Derby

Setting: An underwear factory

A story of old love, young love and the class struggle set in a Croydon underwear factory in the year 1990.

Nigel is the factory owner, who is madly in love with the outspoken, no-nonsense Veronica, who is the union leader and matriarch of the workers. Despite the fact they are both alone, she can’t bear him and his privileged middle-class ways. Meanwhile Nigel’s daughter Annabel is working on the shop floor before her Christmas trip to Paris. She strikes up a friendship with Veronica’s daughter and that quickly turns into something more than friendship. Finally we have Margaret, the oldest worker there, who has never used a chair before and has both wisdom and a surprisingly exciting history of relationships herself.

Throw in a strike, some West-Side Story dancing sewing machines and a sexy, animatronic golfing leopard, sit back and enjoy…

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