Show 974 – Caths – 15th September – Norwich Playhouse, Norwich

Setting: A Catholic theme park

The year is 1980 and Cardinal Funtime has a brilliant idea – to create a Catholic theme park in Kansas called Vaticantown.

It celebrates the joys of Catholicism with rides, stalls and parades. However, when she decides to hand over the management of the park to her protege Nigel Smalltown, he takes the opportunity to show the harsher sides of Catholicism: sin, temptation, purgatory. She wants him to stop but this new direction has made Vaticantown the most successful theme park in all of Kansas (putting the ‘world’s largest ball of twine’ park out of business). Their friendship – and the Catholic community – is torn apart forever.

Until that is, Jerry Springer (aka God) puts on a special show to see if there is a third way…

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