The London 50 Hour Improvathon

Showstopper Susan Harrison tells us a bit more about London’s Annual 50 hour Improvathon!

We love improvising. Some of us love it so much that in February 2019 we will be improvising for
50 hours straight. Yes you’re right, there is something wrong with us! And no we won’t be getting
group therapy as unfortunately it’s too expensive.

The Annual London 50 hour Improvathon is an
improvised show which is all set in one pre-determined location. It will start on 7.00pm on Friday
Feb 15th and play in two-hour episodes continuously to until Sunday Feb 17th 9.00pm . This year
it will take place in the Wild West, with all of your favourite as yet undiscovered cowboys/cowgirls/
cows/other non cow related characters, played by improvisers from Showstoppers,
Austentatious, Canadian troupe Die Nasty as well as numerous other excellent improvisers from
the UK and beyond.

The Improvathon is a joyous, funny, weird, surreal show and for those who do
all 50 hours, it is also an endurance test. Full disclaimer, the longest amount of time I have
performed is a feeble 27 hours (I know, pathetic right?!) but even that gave me a glimpse in to
what it’s like to perform while sleep deprived. I found the nighttime the hardest when the audience
had dwindled and you start to feel very strange! In the early hours you may see improvisers
swaying in the wings looking haunted…sometimes scenes take place consisting of actual
hallucinations…”Are the walls moving?”…and sometimes, through the exhaustion, there are
heroic moments of theatrical magic and beauty. It is the audience who choose to watch all
through the night and even for the entire duration who are the real heroes though. It must be like
binge watching an entire Netflix series, but one in which you can interact with the characters by
cheering them on, in public, from the comfort of a theatre.

It’s Netflix and Thrill for the die hard
improvised theatre fans. And what could be better than that? Well, doing it for 100 hours I
suppose. Nooooooooooooo!

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