Show 1007 – No Way Out – 28th January – The Lyric, Shaftesbury Avenue, London

Setting: The first Ikea

Sisters Inga and Berterta Lindquist were brought up in the forests near Malmo by their mother Klopte. Now they have left both the forest and their childhood friends, Ferterdaderda and his amazing woodworking brother Billy.

When Inga decides to follow her dream of creating a shop where everything is flatpacked, she persuades Billy to come to Stockholm to design the furniture. It goes against his artisanal instincts to create mass-produced furniture and Ferterdaderda disapproves but when Billy sees Berterta again he is smitten and there is no turning back.

Billy starts to realise that he is losing his identity; Berterta is torn between her love of Billy and the charisma of her sister Inga, who becomes increasingly cold and ambitious. It looks like for all three, there is no way out…

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