Show 1008 – Mind the Gap – 29th January – The Other Palace, London

Setting: The London Underground (starting at Picadilly station)

London, 1954. Morris Grimace works for The Ministry, keeping Britain safe against the threat of soviet infiltration. His father was a celebrated war hero and everyone expects Morriss to excel as well. He is given a vital document which he must take across town so it is on the minister of defence’s desk by 10am the next morning.

However, all is not what it seems. Despite being married with chidldren, Morris is having a torrid affair, meeting his beloved Betty in little used parts of the underground. So when a group of pick pockets take the letter from him; then kidnap Betty, who then reveals herself to be a Russian spy, the whole world looks like it’s going to collapse around Morris’s ears.

Is he doomed to disgrace the Grimace family name or can he discover a way out? And will it involved the baffling tea lady, Haroldetta?

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