Show 1010 – Austria The Moosical – 31st January – The Other Palace, London

Setting: Milking Cows in Austria

There has been peace between the two sides of the mountain for 200 years – since in 1122, a wedding occured between an East and West sider. But since then the sides have drifted apart  – they barely meet and are very distrustful of each other. The West siders’ live in a free love commune under the control of their domineering leader Edmond; The East siders believe in monogamy and under their kindly patrician Jacov.

But Jacov’s love Bethesda is from the West and wants to get married there. And she is Edmond’s sister. Meanwhile Jacov knows this will involve him meeting his sister Betsy who several years’ back moved to the West to be with Edmond.

What will happen when the worlds collide? And why do the East-siders make such good cheese?

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