Show 1012 – Too Hot to Handle – 1st Feb evening – The Other Palace, London

Setting: The Underworld

Hades controls the underworld with his belle Foxy Roxy, the hottest demon in the place. It’s a lot of fun but, after so many millenia, Hades is looking for something new. That is exactly what two of the other denizens of hell feel as well – Meryl Streep and Katherine Hepburn. But when Streep and Hades get it together, everything changes: Hades gives Streep vast power which she uses at her whim; Foxy Roxy seduces a demon, feeds him some of the powerful souls that Hades kept in his private chambers and asks him to get revenge on Hades; meanwhile Katherine Hepburn knows all about the power of the duck billed platypus and has her own, even deeper schemes. One thing is clear: it’s too hot to handle!

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