Show 1044 – Unfrozen – 25th Feb – The Other Palace, London

Setting: An ice-cream factory in a heatwave

The ice-cream factory in Brentwood is doing amazing business to the delight of its manager Cherise and her ice-cream inventor friend Judy. In fact, Cherise particularly needs to fill her mind with work to help forget the fact that her husband has left her.

So when Lord Brentwood starts asking for large amounts of ice-cream to be delivered personally by Cherise to his huge manor, she is delighted by the opportunity – and rather flattered by the attention. But it is not a normal house. The Lord keeps the manors fires constantly on – the icecream instantly melting. The longer she spends there with the Lord, his housekeeper, the oddly spry 90-year old Samantha and his major domo, the oddly youthful Charlie, the longer she realises something is not right. What is behind the green door? What is the Lord’s true identity? And why does everything feel so unreal when she is there?

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