Show 1061 – Knickerbocker Glory – 11th March – The Lyric, Shaftesbury Avenue, London

Setting: A knicker factory

The biggest knicker factory in Swindon is a family business. It is run by a husband and wife (Clive and Raquel), the assistant manager Toby is married to seamstress Sandra; and Bernie and Jimmy clearly have the hots for each other.

But when Sandra gets pregnant, Toby can’t cope with the uncertainty of what is coming; Sandra sees Toby retreat into his DIY and his gadgets and barely engage with his daughter and starts to think she has made a mistake. Eventually she decides she can’t take it – she leaves the baby Nicola with Toby and runs away to Barbados.  Will she ever come back? Can Toby cope with being a single father? And why are Clive and Raquel’s six children so eccentric?

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