Show 1067 – Would You Adam and Eve It? – 16th March matinee – The Other Palace

Setting: The Garden of Eden

Eve is left alone in the garden while Adam goes to Lanzarote to ‘find himself’. She is happy. Or thinks she is. But she doesn’t know she is because she has obediently never eaten from the tree of knowledge. Meanwhile Lucifer (as yet an unfallen angel) wants to stir things up and sends down Serpent, who persuades Eve to eat the apple. She gains knowledge of many things that make her angry and sad, but decides that she would rather be unhappy than ignorant. Then the question is thrown back to God: why don’t you want us to have knowledge? And why haven’t you eaten an apple yourself?
Theology and love clash in this epic musical.
Featuring a sexy tree. But not too sexy. PG 12, maybe.

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