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Five Star Reviews

Telegraph, Time Out, Independent On Sunday,, Chortle, Theatre Cat (Lbby Purves), Scotsman, British Theatre Guide, Huffington Post, Edinburgh Evening News, Three Weeks, Fringe Review,, SoSoGay, The Good Review, Scotsgay, London Theatre 1, The Gizzle, West End Frame

Four Stars Reviews

Times, Financial Times, Evening Standard, Metro, The Stage Culture Whisper, London Box Office, West End Whingers


“Incredible… so polished, it defies belief.”
(Daily Telegraph)

“Cracklingly creative… a triumph.”
(The Times)

“A success story that could run and run.”
(Evening Standard)

“Staggeringly good… a must-see.”
(The Stage)

“Prepare to be wowed… Showstopper! might be the only West End show you ever need.”

‘Don’t miss the sublimely talented Showstoppers’ improvised musical’
(Stephen Fry)

‘What an amazing show! The envy and admiration dripping from my pores has already wiped out 3 people. Congrats!’
(Colin Mochrie, Whose Line is It Anyway?)

“Having now seen Showstopper! twice, I can testify that not only is each performance achingly funny, it’s a genuinely new full-length musical every time. Top-class creativity in action. Worth seeing again and again.”
(Time Out London Critics’ Choice)

“A professionally staged and brilliantly executed piece of work that is
a shining example of how good improv can be.”

‘An ingenious and engaging mix of improvisation and musical theatre. If you admired the Comedy Store Players for their ability to think on their feet, this bunch do it with the same verve and flair, but set to music. I was left open-mouthed. I can honestly say that I’d opt for this show’s wild, inventive energy over The Sound of Music any day.’
(Lyn Gardner – The Guardian)

‘If you really want to know how to build a musical, watch The Showstoppers improvise one … the joy is not just the comedy, which is considerable, but the affectionate mastery of every musical cliche and the literate skill in the instant lyrics.’
(Libby Purves, The Times)

‘Jaw-dropping. glorious moments of spontaneous creation. All the big-hit mega-musicals inspire an audience to want to see them more than once. And I’d see Showstopper! again tomorrow.’
(The Times)

‘Makes your jaw drop in amazement and your ribs ache with laughter. Cameron Mackintosh should sign them up immediately.’
(Mail On Sunday)

‘Smart, spontaneous and as musically remarkable as ever.”
(The Times Best of the Edinburgh Fringe 2013)

‘They truly are the masters of longform improvisation. These guys have to be seen to be believed! More talent on stage than you can shake a stick at!’
(Critic’s Choice – TimeOut)

‘These hideously talented regulars are pushing improv in new directions. Go marvel.’
(The Telegraph)

‘Astonishing. Showstopper! has everything you could want from a blockbuster musical. It just happens to be made up on the spot.’

‘I’m just gobsmacked! … A group of fearsomely able improvisers.’

‘A joyous, uproarious collaboration propelled by the quickwittedness of the multi-talented cast and their mischievous onlookers. For sheer madcappery, refreshingly wholesome, good-natured musical slapstick, this musical high-wire act is hard to beat.’
(Independent On Sunday)

‘An awesomely talented cast. Don’t miss seeing Showstopper! You really mustn’t.’
(Kate Copstick – The Scotsman)

‘Fantastically refreshing, uncynical seat-of-their-pants fun.’
(Evening Standard)

‘The most glorious of small shows. An amazing band of actors and a band – sax, clarinet and piano – each night creates a completely new musical, led by suggestions from the audience. Showstopper! simply shouldn’t stop.’
(The Observer)

‘If this is what improv can do you wonder why anyone bothers writing anything down.’
(The Times)

‘It’s like watching a child chasing a helium balloon across a rubbish tip.’ (Five stars, of course)
(Alan Cox)

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